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Targeted Therapy and Imaging

Kereos is a biopharmaceutical company that has developed a nanoscale drug delivery technology that enables targeted delivery of a broad range of therapeutic drug compounds, including existing drugs, new drug candidates and compounds that are too toxic or too fragile to be delivered without the protection and targeting offered by the Kereos technology.

Kereos has developed a unique targeted nanodroplet technology that allows for safe and effective delivery of a broad range of drug compounds to a desired target in the body for the treatment of a variety of diseases.  The Kereos nanodroplets are each capable of carrying a far greater quantity of drug compound per particle than conventional antibody-based drug delivery methods.  The Kereos nanodroplets can also be manufactured at a far lower cost of goods, as compared to antibody based drug delivery methods.  In addition, the drug compound is safely protected within a lipid layer in the Kereos nanodroplet until the desired target is reached, so that the drug compound arrives at the target intact and fully functional.

Unlike other targeted delivery methods that rely solely on proximity to the disease target, Kereos’ nanodroplets deliver the agent directly to cells by fusing with the cell membrane and unloading the drug from the nanodroplet to the cell. This novel fusion mechanism promotes efficient delivery of the drug compound to the target, with very limited systemic distribution. Studies demonstrate that the Kereos particles can effectively deliver highly toxic compounds with no observable systemic or clinical toxicity. A wide range of drugs and targeting molecules can be incorporated into the Kereos nanodroplets, which allows for the development of targeted formulations of existing drugs as well as the targeted delivery of new drug compounds.


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